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Cluster de Automoción de Aragón

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SMEs are a very important part of economic and business structure in our country and our region.

At CAAR we understand and have a thorough knowledge of a number of specific features they have, since we have experience as trusted advisors to our newer members.

CAAR also offers a number of tools and services specifically aimed at them so that they can also enjoy the knowledge and opportunities that are available to large companies.

In particular, the following services are available to SMEs completely free of charge:

  • Access to information and support materials in order to make arrangements to obtain public funding.
  • Advice and support in order to present the project to various administrations.
  • Diagnostic and comparative study in accordance with the principles of Lean Manufacturing.
  • In-depth comparative diagnostic study based on Human Resources indicators.
  • Aggregation of demand and negotiations for procurement of supplies: electricity, telephone, insurance, etc.
  • Participation in all CAAR projects, working committees and activities.