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Cluster de Automoción de Aragón

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What is a cluster?


In the words of Michael Porter, a professor at Harvard Business School (USA) and globally recognized as an authority on business strategy and national and regional development, a Cluster is a geographic concentration of companies, institutions and universities that share an interest in a specific economic and strategic field.

By grouping companies engaged in the same sector within a defined territory, it is possible to exploit a large number of synergies between them. Especially if we bear in mind that size is not what matters, so companies ranging from small businesses with a few dozen workers to corporate giants that employ thousands are grouped together. And above all, it is a democracy in which each of them is one member regardless of size.

Thus, spaces for collaboration are generated, not only in terms of products but also of innovation, management, marketing or training, where it is possible to share positive and negative experiences, to exchange and validate knowledge as well as to gain access to opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.

All with a very clear end goal: to improve competitiveness in order to generate business for its members.