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Cluster de Automoción de Aragón

Idiomas: Español / English


Address AVDA. OPEL ESPAÑA, 11 50290

Contact +34 976 819 150
Contact person: Javier Almárcegui

Proma Hispania SA is a company engaged in the manufacture of metal components for the automobile sector.

It belongs to Gruppo Proma, of Italian origin, and currently present in the markets of Europe (with plants in Italy, Spain, Poland, Serbia), Africa (in Morocco) and America (Brazil and Mexico).

It is a multi-national group that engages in the design and manufacture of metal sub-assemblies for vehicle bodies, systems for chassis, seat structures and operating modules for automobiles.

It currently has 17 production centres that cover activities such as: stamping, CO2, spot and laser welding, mechanical assembles, painting, manufacture of moulds, pipes and tool construction.

Proma Hispania has been in Epila (Zaragoza) since 2003, when it purchased the activity that another company had been carrying out at the same facilities since 1992. Thus, it took over the industrial and technological experience in welding and assembling metal structures for seats. Since then, Proma Hispania has considerably increased its production and technical capacity, as well as its products and customers, thanks to belonging to Gruppo Proma.

It currently occupies a surface area of 34,000 m2, 15,000 of which house covered buildings.

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