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Cluster de Automoción de Aragón

Idiomas: Español / English


Address GM España. Edificio 21. Polígono Entrerrios, s/n. 50639

Contact +34 976 613 226
Contact person: Simón Rosales

Founded in 1988, Android Industries has extensive experience in the automotive industry as a module assembler and global supply chain service provider. Android performs complex module assembly “in vehicle sequence,” and has shipped more than 100 million modules in the last 25 years. Android also manages material movement and logistics activity globally; sequences, kits, and cross-docks more than one million parts per week; and designs and constructs its own tooling and equipment.

Android designs and builds flexible tooling and equipment focused on error proofing and adaptability. This flexibility allows our equipment to support both current and future customer needs. We are able to accommodate a variety of business models to best meet customer requirements, and use Android’s proprietary manufacturing system and technology in our plants worldwide, including applications in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, and Canada.


Android also utilizes an integrated information management system, the Ai Business System or "Arch,” that connects all Android team members globally. Android’s “Arch” is common in all plants, and ensures Android systems and processes are adhered to. The use of this system supports shop floor management tools, promotes continuous improvement, tracks operating metrics, and serves as an online interface for company-wide interaction.


  • Mechanical union
  • Surface finishing
  • Welding

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