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Cluster de Automoción de Aragón

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Do you know what CAAR is?


The Automotive Cluster of Aragon, hereinafter CAAR, is a cluster-type association like those described in the previous section, which was set up as a private and independent non-profit association.

It is a consequence of the concentration of industries dedicated to the automotive sector in Aragon, and brings together a considerable number of the companies engaged in the manufacture of automotive components in Aragon as well as other businesses directly related to this value chain.

But let us first look back for a moment. It was 2007 when, following a diagnostic study of the automotive sector in Aragon carried out by the Technological Institute of Aragon, it was found that the most innovative regions of our country with an automobile production plant all had an automotive cluster.

As a result, contacts were established with various benchmark business organizations such as the Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce and Aragon Exterior, and a decision was taken to invite major companies in this industry in Aragon to participate.

CAAR was therefore set up in March 2008 with the participation of 14 companies in the automotive component industry and 6 organizations related to R&D, internationalization and economic promotion.

According to the founding charter, its objectives are:

  • To encourage companies in the automotive sector of Aragon to cooperate and collaborate in projects, thus improving the efficiency of their operations.
  • To foster R&D&i in the automotive sector in Aragon as well as to promote the use of new technologies.
  • To improve Human Resources management and training.
  • To improve the competitiveness of member companies. 

Today, after a few years during which both membership and activity saw a steady growth, CAAR is currently consolidating and strengthening its position. We already include more than 60 companies and 6 organizations of various natures. Please see the members section and find out about us!

In 2013, our companies employed over 9,000 people and had a turnover of more than EUR 2,400 million. Our clients were the leading Spanish car manufacturers – it must be remembered that most car manufacturing plants in our country are located within 300 miles from Zaragoza.

But our products are not only sold to Spanish plants but also directly exported to various European plants, which account for approximately 35% of our turnover.