Adient Automotive


Carrera Caballos, 53, 50630 Alagón, Zaragoza, Spain

T. +34 976 61 60 00


Adient Automotive produces metallic seat structures and components for leading car manufacturers. Its facilities are located in Alagón, Pedrola and Calatorao.

The firm belongs to the Adient Group, a US-American company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Adient is the global leader in automotive seating. Through meticulous orchestration it works to deliver the right products at the right time and is always right there when their customers need them to be. With 85,000 employees operating in 238 manufacturing plants in 34 countries worldwide, they produce and deliver automotive seating for all vehicle classes and all major OEMs. From complete seating systems to individual components, their expertise spans every step of the automotive seat making process. Their integrated, in-house skills allow them to take their products from research and design all the way to engineering and manufacturing – and into more than 25 million vehicles every year.


One in every three seats in the world comes from an Adient facility.
Adient Automotive, S.L. manufactures metal structures and components which will be integrated into car seats: backrests, cushions, recliners, height adjusters, as well as small stamping parts. Its products offer safety, functionality, and comfort with proven quality.
Adient manufactures the products using innovative steel, allowing them to lower the weight of their structures and mechanisms without sacrificing robustness. With lighter, thinner designs, their components help customers to save space – and make their vehicles more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.


Adient only relies on the latest technology on the market: arc welding and spot welding machines, as well as laser welding robots. The main assembly processes used are clinching, crimping, riveting, flaring and screwing. The company has also two cataphoretic painting lines. Its main competitive advantage is its stamping presses from 400tn to 1200tn to shape the raw material used -steel coils.