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Parque Industrial Empresarium, Romero, 12,50720 Zaragoza, Spain

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Aitiip is a technology centre based in Aragon, validated by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. Aitiip is a private nonprofit foundation, which offers enterprises and society as a whole, advanced technology services; research, technology development and innovation, as well as training. Aitiip patronage is made up of large companies such as CEFA, BSH, Grupo Antolin, SMP, Conteneur, Faurecia, Miju and Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce.
Since its creation, 20 years ago, Aitiip has been working in the plastics sector, covering the whole production value chain. Aitiip´s involvement has been present from the formulation of the material and moulds to the production of the final piece due to its key location in Zaragoza, where many companies are involved in the automotive sector.
Over time, the centre has expanded into other sectors such as transportation (aeronautics and railway), packaging as well as other industrial applications where the use of plastic and metal (home appliances, renewable energies, infrastructures) is in high demand.
Today Aitiip offers advanced technology services for product and processes engineering, mould and tooling development, 3D printing (with one of the biggest workshops in Europe), plastic transformation processes, composites and other auxiliary processes for industrialisation.

Advanced Technological Services at the core

Through Aitiip and their use of the latest available technology, along with their team of highly qualified design staff, companies are enabled to develop and test their products.
Core advanced technological services:
Design & Simulation
A manufacturing department equipped with the latest technologies in machining processes, advanced CAD, CAM, CAE software with 20 years’ experience working in the plastic sector. They provide design and manufacturing for plastic injection, blow molding or thermoforming moulds, as well as the tooling needed for any industrial process.
A virtual prediction of the plastics behavior during the processing (injection or blowing) can be provided in order to optimize the factors that will decisively influence the quality of the resulting product.
Material development
The manufacture of materials on demand to fulfil any requirement and desired function. Specialized in high performance thermoplastics, biomaterials, nano-additives and composites.
3D printing
Aitiip, the best qualified European entity in industrial 3D printing for plastic parts (thermoplastic and thermoset), metal (steel), composite (with carbon fiber, glass and Kevlar) and ceramics.
Fully functional pieces can be made, with certified materials, for the aviation, medical, automobile sectors to name but a few.
Moulds & tools
Customers are offered the most advanced machines in the field of mechanical manufacturing for moulds, tools and unit parts production with the highest dimensional and functional quality.
Plastic transformation
Provision of all the technologies for plastic processing: injection (25t to 4.000t), extrusion blowing, thermoforming and film blowing, for all types of thermoplastics, technical plastics of high performance, composites as well as bio-based and biodegradable plastics.
With its facility located in Zaragoza, a key strategic point in Spain, with 12.000m2 available, Aitiip is able to welcome any type of project or piloting.

Main research lines

Developing innovative projects connected with industrial and social needs, Aitiip´s resources are at your disposal to turn your innovative idea into reality.
Advanced materials
Aitiip develops new formulations for advanced and high performance materials to meet the more complex and specific requirements, both in thermoplastic and in thermoset materials. A variety of materials can be provided with new functionalities including but not limited to, lightening, enhanced resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity, antibacterial and aesthetic effects. They use nano and micro technology and materials.
Experts in the field of bio-based and biodegradable plastics, with over a decade of experience. Bio polyesters such as PLA, PHA, PHB and PBS, are some of the materials they process with all kind of technologies, from 3D printing to blown extrusion as well as film injection and manufacturing and with applications in all industries. These materials are combined with celluloses and starches, natural colorants and fibres.

Efficient production – Factories of the future
With optimized production, the design of robotic and mechatronic processes as well as hybrid production technologies (additive 3D printing and subtractive) as well as collaborative robot – machine – man, the way is paved for factories of the future

Circular economy
While taking into account the philosophy of the circular economy, the product is studied with a view to maximizing eco-design, the efficiency of the transformation process and, finally, on product reparability, reuse or recyclability. They valorise agro waste and industrial disregarded output into new added value products.