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Automotive Solutions

Condumex started as a cable manufacturer in Mexico in 1954, and since then, it has consolidated its global reach for over 60 years. Nowadays it is present in 40 countries across five continents.
It is currently the market leader in Mexico for the manufacture and distribution of automotive, energy and telecommunication cables. It has an important presence in other American countries and in Europe.
The prestige of our brand, the proven quality of our cables and a strong comprehensive customer service orientation have enabled us to consolidate our presence worldwide. Currently we have production plants not only in Mexico, but also in Brazil and Spain.
Our Condumex plant in Europe, Cablena España, was set up in 1986 in its present location in Zaragoza (Spain). From its inception, we have manufactured and distributed globally low-tension power cables, mainly for the automotive industry.


We have one of the largest range of cables on the market, not only copper-based conductor cables but also aluminium and other alloys. Some of the most representative cable families that are currently part of our product portfolio are the following:

• Standard cables for a range of automotive applications
• High temperature cables for engine compartments or similar uses
• Ultra-fine cross-section wire cables for signal transmission.
• Extra-flexible cables, resistant to a range of fluids, for use in batteries, alternators, etc.
• Paired and multi-conductor cables for any type of sensor (ABS/ESP, Airbag,…)
• Data cables for “infotainment” systems (coaxial, Ethernet, HSD, …)
• High voltage cables for hybrid and electric vehicles (e-Mobility)
• Full range of cables for white goods
• Full range of cables for civil engineering and construction sectors
• Cables for telecom networks

Technological Capabilities

We provide our clients with the comprehensive connectivity solution they need, and in accordance with our philosophy as part of Condumex, with the highest standards for quality and service.
As a company within the Carso Group, Condumex is currently made up of more than 50 companies and has two in-house Research & Development & Innovation centres, as well as several engineering firms all over America and Europe. They enable the company to have the required drive to remain at the technological vanguard in the cable industry.
Our flexibility and versatility in cable production, alongside our highly experienced and efficient team, have allowed us to become a global benchmark in the cable sector for the automotive industry.