Carretera Nacional 232, km 273, 50.690, Pedrola, Zaragoza, España
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Responsable de Innovación : Daniel Espinosa


The Instituto de Investigación sobre Vehículos, S.A., CENTRO ZARAGOZA, was set up as a company in 1987, under the initiative of 14 insurance companies operating in the car insurance industry. Its facilities are in Pedrola, 34 km away from Zaragoza, located on a 40,772 square metre site, including a 16,000 square metre built area.
The core focus of CENTRO ZARAGOZA is to do research into improved management and damage control of materials, and prevent personal injury, within the scope of the car insurance industry. Likewise, it fosters initiatives leading towards enhanced road safety. The activities carried out by CZ are aimed at car insurance companies and their expert insurance appraisers, car repair shops, engineering and vocational training teachers and students, and law enforcement agents among others.


Investigation, experimentation and research into methods, characteristics and repair systems of any car damage resulting from a car crash.
Research and Development and Innovation projects related to car crashes as well as the analysis of vehicle behaviour and safety elements conducive to lower car crash rates or accidents as well as enhanced road safety.
Development of lifelong training for professional experts involved to any extent in the appraisal, valuation and repair of vehicles damaged in a crash.
Quality certification for spare parts, repair shops, products and services.
Technical link for UNESPA (Spanish Association of Insurers and Reinsurers) with State law enforcement agencies in the field of unlawful car trafficking in order to increase the likelihood of recovering stolen vehicles for which indemnity payments were made by the insurer.
Dissemination of its research findings through mass media, publications and training activities.


As a centre of research for the automobile industry and part of the insurance sector, CENTRO ZARAGOZA strives to investigate, do research and disseminate knowledge pertaining to every aspect impacting the automobile. Within the scope of its activities, CENTRO ZARAGOZA conducts research into new car technologies, the repairability of devices incorporating advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and their impact, both proven and potential, on road safety. The follow-up and analysis of technological advances and their impact on car crash rates and repair costs allow insurance companies to adjust their car insurance premiums.
In addition, Centro Zaragoza is a prescriber of new methods and technologies used to ensure the correct functioning of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) after vehicle repair.
Centro Zaragoza helps form alliances enabling the creation of products aimed at enhancing insurers´ management through innovative products and services that provide their clients with high added value.