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T. +34 976 075166
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Persona de contacto: Oscar Guallar Navarro


Electroingenium is an engineering company specialised in Project Management, Engineering, Automation and Digitalisation of industrial and logistics processes in the automotive industry. It boasts a solid, highly qualified professional team with a long proven track record. Our daily work alongside our customers allows us to have first-hand knowledge of, and insight into, the automotive industrial sector. Some of our customers are: Opel, VW-Navarra, Seat, Nissan, Mercedes Benz and Ford. Electroingenium´s aim is to become a benchmark for excellent quality services.


I. Process Automation: Conveyors, Automated Guided Vehicle systems; Traffic controllers, processes, handling systems, infrastructures, identification systems.
II. Digital Twin for Processes: 2D/3D Models of the facilities and actual operational modelling and simulation.
III. Process simulation.
IV. Virtual operational start-up.
V. Installations and electrical hardware:
• Design and generation of electrical plans.
• Manufacturing.
• General electric installations.
• Communication networks.
• Legalisation of Electrical installations.
• CCTV installations.
• Production follow-up.
• Maintenance.

VI. Industrial Computing:
• Management of materials and traceability.
• Production management of continuous or discrete processes.
• Manual and automatized warehouse management.
• Production flow management.
• IP video monitoring.
• Efficiency management and KPIs.
• Reporting systems.
• Control panels.
• System integration.
• Website and App development.


Project Management Services and Technical Development of Projects.
• Project managament.
• Turn-key Projects Automation.
• Planning.
• Engineering and Electrical Design.
• Electrical Cabinet manufacturing and Field Installations.
• Set-up, follow-up and training.
• Digital Twin.
• Automation
• Monitoring and Control Systems.
• Project Design and Fieldbuses.
• Identification Systems.
• Safety systems.
• Industrial Communications.
• Frequency converters.
• Communications
• Industrial Software Applications.