Polígono El Pradillo. C/ Aneto, 1, 50690 Pedrola, Zaragoza
T. +34 976 61 04 64
Persona de contacto: Enrique González Luque


Entrerríos Automatización is the successor of Instalaciones Eléctricas Enterríos, which was set up in 1986. In the last few years it has become an important company in the sector of industrial electrical installations, automation, fluid installations, industrial mechanics, metal structures, maintenance and civil engineering.
Entrerríos Automatización has carried out large scale projects for major companies such as Opel, Seat, Volkswagen Group, Arcelormittal, Mahle, CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles, S.A.), Adiente, etc with whom it has been working since 1986.
Entrerríos Automatización offers its clients quality, guarantee and responsiveness. To gain reliability and customer confidence, it has incorporated flexible and comprehensive organization and it is capable of ensuring personalised attention to meet each of its clients´ needs while utilising all its potential for the optimal comprehensive management of small and large scale projects.


Electrical Assemblies
• Outdoor and indoor lighting
• Supply and assembly of electrical power and control cabinets
• Wiring-connecting of both power and control electrical installations
• Conveying systems. Floor-level and over-head
• Medium Voltage electrical installations
• Installation, connection and certification of Optic Fibre
• Photovoltaic installations.

• Engineering, design, supply and assembly of materials and accessories required for whole, optimal automation processes
• Supply and programming of automatons of the major brands, market leaders
• Handling and programming of ROBOTS
• Industrial communication networks and SCADA systems

Turn-key projects (EPC projects)
Industrial Mechanics
• Networks and installations of fluids (water, gas, vapour, compressed-air and cooling water)
• Heating and compressed-air
• Sewerage system
• Water pumps and water collection system
• Fire-control system
• Metal Structures
• Boilermaking
• Tooling
• Maintenance

• Electrical maintenance
• Software maintenance
• Mechanical maintenance
• Civil works maintenance
• Preventive and corrective maintenance, etc.

Energy Production/Power generation
• Feasibility studies
• Repowering of installations
• Management of operations
• Supply of turn-key plants


The Automation division provides its clients with a complete study choosing the suitable components to use, and the specialised technical knowledge necessary to make their clients automation projects possible.
The Automation department has a staff of 25 programmers working alongside the technical department, availing themselves of the requisite infrastructure for the development of different types of programming such as PLCs as well as robots and SCADA systems.