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GMR Homologaciones was set up in 1986 with the aim of providing vehicle-makers, vehicle body makers, vehicle component manufacturers, and vehicle converters with a technical service and comprehensive paperwork processing service that allow them to get their vehicles certified and approved, as well as meet the requisite legal requirements for their use.
In the year 2000 GRM opened a new branch in Pau (France) diversifying its geographical provision of services in order to facilitate the international development of its clients.
From then on, the company has continued to expand and is currently part of the SGS Group, a world leader for quality and integrity, with over 95,000 employees and a worldwide network of over 2,400 branches and labs.
The 4,000 professionals working for SGS Group España can be found across each of the Spanish Autonomous regions in over 136 branches and labs.


The company´s basic services can be divided into five categories:
• Inspection
• Test trials
• Certification
• Verification
• Type Approval

SGS AUTOMOTIVE offers tailor-made services for the whole automotive industry, ranging from manufacturers, suppliers and makes through logistics companies, renting and leasing companies to vehicle purchase finance and garage networks, covering in this way their key process stages:
• During manufacturing and in their production centres.
• Throughout the transport cycle (road haulage, railway freight transport and sea freight transport) and on the grounds of distribution centres.
• In their outlets and car dealerships.
• In the second-hand car and remarketing sector.
• In their garage networks.
In addition, it has mechanic and electrical labs as well as labs for materials at their clients´ disposal.
Likewise, the company possesses solid foundations and experience in other industries to help its clients in every aspect of their business.

Within the type approval category, we find GMR Homologaciones. The main services provided are advice and support to:

• Get Approval for your vehicle (Domestic and European type approval, partial approvals, directives and regulations, Approval reports Type H (indispensable for full type approval of the vehicle)/ simplified technical sheets, individualized type approval, component approval and Separate Technical Units (STU). GMR Homologaciones offers technical advice during the homologation process for the vehicle, as well as a study and calculation of components.
• Vehicle Modifications and Conversions: manufacturer certificates, lab certificates, test trials to obtain certificates, technical studies.
• Type Approval Advisory Services: technical advice for the type approval of the vehicle. Study and calculation of components.
• Conformity of Production: processing of renewal of COP certificate, processing of the vehicle inspection for conformity of production, advice on new legislation and technical service provision.
• Other certification: ATP, ADR reports, CE marking for machinery safety, PRM (Persons with Reduced Mobility) adaptations,
• Additional services: vehicle registration statistics, type approval technical consultancy, special purpose vehicles.


With regards to partial regulation services (brakes, steering, etc.) provided by GMR Homologaciones, they include pre-lab test trials on its own equipment and instruments for clients dealing with towed vehicles and motor vehicles alike. Likewise, to perform its activity, a high degree of computerization and technology is required, which GMR obviously has at its disposal.
Currently, GMR has the following measurement and testing equipment:
• Braking analysis equipment.
• Load cells and readers.
• Dynamometric steering wheels.
• Decelerometer.
• Sound level meters.
• Various.



Europe, North Africa.