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GRUPO San Valero

Grupo San Valero has its origin in the San Valero Professional Training School, founded in Zaragoza (Spain) in 1952 with the aim to facilitate access to training and culture to everyone as a fundamental element towards achieving a dignified life through work.

With currently over 25,000 students per year, it has over 1000 staff in its five entities: San Valero Centre, San Valero Dominican Foundation, CPA Salduie, SEAS Online Training Institute and San Jorge University.

Each entity of the San Valero Group strives to meet the highest expectations from their students and their families, as well as a high rate of employability and integration in the job market for all their graduates.

Grupo San Valero has direct ties with the business sector and business organizations to continuously identify their training needs, thanks to a permanent effort to enhance teacher practices and apply innovative teaching methods. The wide and varied scope of training offered at different levels and modalities is a clear reflection of this.


• FP++: The new Vocational and Professional Training enhanced by two pluses: the University and the enterprise. An innovative model that boosts training and knowledge gained in the Advanced Vocational Education and Training Modules through the acquisition of new academic competences found in universities, adapted to the emerging profiles required by businesses.
• An approach based on Dual Training as a strategic model to attract and develop talent as well as achieve higher competitiveness of businesses.
• Teaching leading to Professional Certification.
• International presence through alliances and both blended and online training modalities.
• Development of University Chairs alongside businesses as well as distinct research lines, software engineering, virtual and augmented reality, etc.
• Internationalization and development aid, with an active presence for over 20 years in European innovation initiatives: PETRA, Life, ADAPT, Leonardo, VII European Framework Programme for R & D, etc.


Grupo San Valero covers a wide range of training levels and modalities through its five entities from Secondary Education to University Education thanks to its incessant commitment to the professional and personal development of students in its different entities. Likewise, Grupo San Valero stands out for:

• Developing innovative models attached to the actual business environment.
• Covering all training levels through any educational and training modality.
• Teaching at University level online and onsite.
• Being pioneers in dual training
• Striking up alliances with businesses, institutions and universities at national and international levels.
• Fostering research lines linked to the development of businesses.
• Fostering the international mobility of students by means of Exchange programmes and Erasmus + Projects.
• Awards from the European Union such as best Life Award for the Environment.
• Leaders of one of the Aragonese projects with greater scope and sustainability in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).
• Benchmark in subjects of the industrial and technological fields such as electromechanics, mechatronics, software development, industrial maintenance, renewable energies and electric vehicles, industrial organisation, 4.0 Industry, Big Data, etc.