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Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón – ITAINNOVA is a Technology Centre which has been working together alongside companies to meet their needs for over 30 years. Thanks to its multidisciplinary staff and unique cutting-edge equipment it provides them with genuine and innovative solutions within its research lines:

Field of competence Research Areas
Materials and Components • Design and development of paper and polymer-based materials
• Multi-physics and multi-scale simulation
• Characterization and modelling techniques for materials
• Structural integrity and fatigue
• Polymers
• Composite and adhesive materials
Mechatronic Systems and Robotics • Mechatronics and Cyberphysical Systems
• Robotics and Advanced Automation
Electrical and Electronic Systems • Power efficient electrical systems and EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility)
Industrial Systems • IoT and Data Analytics for Logistics and Industrial Processes
Communication and Information Technologies • Big Data and Cognitive Systems


Research & Development & Innovation as well as consulting services on products and/or processes so as to meet companies´ needs associated with technological changes in the industry:
Weight reduction (Lightening)
• Characterization and modelling of the performance of materials, their structural integrity; weight reduction in components and multi-material structures, and bonding technologies.
• Modelling, design and development of new tailor-made multi-functional materials (polymer matrix nanocomposites).
Enhanced autonomy in safe mobility
• Design and development of new mechatronic components and systems so as to improve performance, safety, comfort and energy consumption.
• Development of model-based control algorithms, rapid control prototyping and real-time construction of simulators.
• Development of mathematical models for vehicles (vehicle dynamics) and state estimation device.
• Cooperative systems (V2X) based on embedded systems, real time communications and software.
Propulsion systems
• Design of new electromagnetic compatible power electronics solutions for traction systems taking into account new power storage technologies (batteries and ultra-capacitors) as well as power converters.
• Electromagnetic characterization of components/systems and vehicles (certified lab).
Advanced Manufacturing
• Process simulation of transformation of materials.
• Design and development of robotic and automation systems capable of interaction with their surroundings and/or people.
• Digital Twin: sensorization (IIoT), data analytics, modelling based on data and real-time simulation of industrial processes.
• Advanced planning of logistics and industrial processes.
• Virtual factory for design and process optimization.


The competences and distinctive values of ITA are grounded in the application of a range of technologies for design and development of products and processes, broaching industrial needs in a comprehensive way. This strength is focused on:
• The intensive use of computational simulation as a tool for the design of components and systems (model-based system engineering).
• The comprehensive validation and assessment of functional requirements in the lab as support in the development stage: structural integrity, durability/fatigue, NVH, environmental trial tests, electrical safety and EMC.
• The development and implementation of 4.0 technologies and solutions for the digital transformation of enterprises.


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María de Luna, 11, n 6, 50018 Zaragoza, Spain

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