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Edificio Circuito de Velocidad
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With its state-of-the-art facilities and a proven prestige in the organization of sport events, MotorLand currently boasts deserved international recognition in the motor sector. In addition to hosting test race events and private test and training events both for teams and manufacturers, our grounds supplement these sport activities by means of a firm commitment to innovation, development and research in our facilities.


From its inception, Motorland was thought out as a multifunctional complex. It has an area dedicated to the fostering and boosting of Research & Development & Innovation: the technology park Motorland TechnoPark . The companies based in it develop a range of projects that are closely linked to the motor sector. At TechnoPark the Moto2 category engines for the Moto GP world championship are developed; there are labs which focus most of their activity on impact testing of components and systems involved in car safety; we can also find technological and sensorization labs as well as automotive workshops where chassis, engines and electronics can be tested; at present there are several projects of research and development into the motorcycle or electric vehicles; and cutting-edge carbon fiber materials and composites are produced.


This industrial and technological incubator has at its reach the multiple top-notch tracks and circuits that are part of the complex: speed, karting, motorcross, supermotard, etc. This way, Motorland offers a unique environment. A range of companies in the sector share an open space where common projects are encouraged, with the unique opportunity to conduct the development and implementation stages in facilities that provide optimum quality thanks to their availability and proximity. In addition, the advisory services available and networking possibilities multiply the chances of success.
The continuous exploration of our sector along with the acquired experience gained over the years encourages us to seek new horizons and opportunities. Therefore, MotorLand is a company that is committed to driving and boosting new research projects with a positive impact on our land and industry. Our aim is to encourage Research & Development & Innovation by making use of the synergies that may be advanced in our surroundings, and thus maximize the results obtained.