P.I. El Pilar c/ Ana Abarca de Bolea, 22 Nave A, 50014 Zaragoza
T. 976138015 / 976537651
Contact person: Patricia Pinilla


Proin Pinilla, S.L. is a family run company founded in 1985 by Mr. Jose Antonio Pinilla. Having been involved in the workplace safety sector over the last 20 years, it has become one of the main manufacturing and distribution companies for work clothing and protective equipment. It works with major top quality brands and it has developed its own brands with factories in Asia and Spain under the EU quality standards. Additionally, Proin Pinilla has two further companies that fall under the category of special employment centres. PROTEC&MARTI S.L is mainly focused on the manufacture of protective clothing under CATEGORY II and III standards, with tailoring developments involving design, pattern-making, sewing and dressmaking while ADESA ROMANOS S.L. provides industrial laundry services and renting services of a range of clothing for a variety of industries nationwide.
The above mentioned special employment centres were set up over 10 years ago to rise up to the challenge of helping people with a range of disabilities to enter the job market by means of respectable, gainful employment. They also help companies to meet the LISMI statutory requirements which otherwise would be unable to, owing to the very nature of their production processes. At present the group has a staff of 100 workers. Its main market has evolved over the recent years to become nationwide, and with some presence in European and international markets.


Proin Pinilla offers a wide range of products. On the one hand, they distribute personal protective equipment, such as safety boots and shoes; cut-protection, fireproof, flocked safety gloves; a range of hearing, eye/face protective devices, safety helmets, masks, welding protection, signalling, protective devices for works at height, lifelines, and so on. On the other hand they manufacture a variety of work clothing at a basic level as well as higher quality level such as fireproof and anti-static garments under category III (death risk), made in Spain to ensure high quality standards and product traceability.
They have vending machines for personal protective equipment; they conduct studies about the consumption of PPEs and optimal placing, the design of tailor-made products, renting of work clothing and washing of work garments at their own laundry service.


They have at their disposal a wide range of technology for their manufacturing and distribution processes, including automatic cutting machinery, automatized screen printing line, thermo-sealing machines for certified garments meeting waterproofing standards, industrial garment-making and embroidery machinery, RFID tag reading devices for smart tag management, automatized garment wrapping, Plotter, specific software for design and industrial pattern-making.



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