Calle General Motors 3, 50690 Pedrola, Zaragoza, España
Contact person: David Penadés Vidal


Rhenus Automotive forms part of the large family Rhenus Logistics, a company belonging to the Rethmann family business group, whose main activity involves global logistics services through Rhenus´s 4 divisions or business areas (contract logistics, freight logistics, and port logistics and public transport) while managing complex supply chains and creating growth through added value innovative services.
The recently built Rhenus Automotive plant in Zaragoza has a surface area of 8,000 sq. m for logistics, assembly and sequenced delivery of front axles, rear axles and shock absorber kits of the new generation OPEL CORSA, including its 100% electric version. The set-up of this site underlines our company´s commitment to providing high added value to OPEL Zaragoza´s supply chain through the management of components by means of our own Warehouse Management System, the just-in-time assembly process for the chassis modules and the delivery of parts in sync with OPEL´s assembly line.


The parts Rhenus Automotive manufactures in Zaragoza are the front axle, the rear axle and the shock absorber kit for both the current version as well as the prospective electrical version of the Opel Corsa. The line of work with the products involved at the Pedrola site range from material reception, storage and supply to the production line, through sequencing, kitting and pre-assembly, quality control and traceability, as well as planning, financing, construction, operation and optimization of assembly lines.


Notwithstanding its recent deployment in Zaragoza, the Rhenus Group is a benchmark for logistics and transport in Europe. In fact, at a global level, the Rhenus Group´s turnover is over 4.800 million euros, with 610 sites for their different lines of business involving transport and logistics and with 29.000 workers involved. The complexity of the assembly varies, ranging from simple manual operations to the whole assembly of motor modules, including engine, transmission, axle, suspension and other components. Rhenus Automotive always operates near its customer and builds pre-assembly lines either directly on its customer´s own facilities or in facilities nearby.