Edificio Dr. Joaquín Repollés, 44600 Alcañiz, Teruel, Spain
T. +34 978 87 79 35
F. +34 978 87 79 36


The Company Parque Tecnológico del Motor de Aragón, S A., which was created on December 29, 2005 in Alcañiz, was originally a public company.
It was set up in order to bring technology into the Motorland Aragon multl-functional complex and also resulted from the need to create a differentiating space where local, regional and national businesses could benefit from synergies with universities, research centers and other companies. The site is exclusively dedicated to the motor industry (with a long tradition in the area) and its satellites, this sector being continually developing and searching for new technological challenges.
TechnoPark Motorland’s corporate purpose focuses on the following points of action:
• Becoming a center of Innovation and R&D in the automotive sector.
• Performing technical and economic tasks aimed at the promotion and management of the Motor Technology Park, by attracting companies and organizations involved in research, innovation, development or unique production of applied technology, preferably in the automotive sector so that they settle there.
• Revitalizing the economy of the area by attracting and promoting new businesses from all over the country and even abroad.
• Concentrating motor-related companies (manufacturers, teams or training and R&D institutions).
• Concentrating technological services related to the motor industry (development, testing and certification), both aimed at competition as well as commercial and industrial services.
• Becoming the country’s reference as a space to disseminate and generate knowledge around the motor world.


TechnoPark MotorLand is a space created by, and for, people who seek to reinvent their present transforming it into a new future. It generates the differential value that companies and R&D&I centers demand, through modern and avant-garde facilities in a privileged environment, such as MotorLand Aragón. TechnoPark represents the differential and singular space that the innovative company pursues, taking advantage of the global capabilities of the group that already make up the companies already set up in TechnoPark while adding in turn the ingredient that gives them the tradition and the passion for what they do. You will not travel alone, a group of professionals will help you in the business venture on which you have embarked in TechnoPark MotorLand, their mission is to become your best partner and ally to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals.


It is the only Motor Technology Park in Spain and the only one in the province of Teruel, which is a clear element which sets it apart from the rest.
It also features cutting-edge equipment and systems that set what the TechnoPark Motorland has to offer apart from the rest:
• Plots of innovative industrial floor, nest warehouses, business incubator, offices, laboratories and co-working space.
• Technology Center 2WTC.
• 6 circuits of world reference and with polyvalent designs.
• Zaragoza University.
• Promoter of MotoStudent International Competition.
• The only dynamometer test bench in Aragón.
• Guidance and support to the internationalization of projects
• Services to Sports Teams, F1, Driving Institutes (or NIHs), Centers of Research and Training, Homologation Centres, etc.