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Thermolympic fue fundada en 1991, aunque tiene sus orígenes en el año 1971. Cuenta con una amplia experiencia en el campo de la inyección de termoplásticos, así como en el diseño y construcción de moldes. Las instalaciones de Thermolympic disponen de más de 21.000 m2 de superficie útil, distribuidos en almacén de recepción, sala de máquinas, zona de montajes, taller y expediciones. El diseño de los productos y procesos es uno de los principales generadores de valor añadido, tanto para la empresa como para sus clientes.
Thermolympic cuenta con departamento de ingeniería donde se desarrollan los diseños, utilizando la más alta tecnología de control numérico tanto en diseño como en ejecución. Cuentan con programas CAD/CAM que les permiten trabajar con todo tipo de ficheros 2D Y 3D (IGES, CADDS5 ,DXF, VDA, FS, Unigraphics, Pro-E, Catia, etc). Así mismo utilizan mouldflow y herramientas de simulación de procesos.
Thermolympic was founded in 1991 but its origins date back to 1971, giving it extensive experience in both the field of thermoplastic injection and the design and construction of moulds.
Thermolympic’s facilities cover a useful surface area of 21,000 m2, including reception warehouse, machine shed, assembly area, workshop and dispatch department. The design of their products and processes is one of the main generators of added value, both for the company and their customers.
Thermolympic has its own engineering department that develops its designs using the very latest numerical control technology both for design and manufacture.
CAD/CAM programs allow them to work with all types of 2D and 3D files (IGES, CADDS 5, DXF, VDA, FS, Unigraphics, Pro-E, Catia, etc.) In addition, they use moldflow and process simulation tools.


Thermolympic works with most of the currently existing materials. Its machines have all the necessary peripheral equipment (coolers, dehumidifiers, heaters, hot chamber control and centralized feeding for pellet distribution) required to transform a wide range of materials. Some of the materials with which it works are: ABS, PC, PA6, PA66, PP PP+additives, POM, PAl2, PE, PDT, PPO, TPO, TPU, TPE, PS, etc.
The company carries all injection manufacturing for all types of parts, specializing is parts for the instrument panel, door panels, tanks, filters, central consoles, trunk, battery casings, etc.


Their range of injection machinery includes 40 ton to 1,500 ton machines with a capacity to produce plastic parts that weigh from 0,55g to 6,000 g.
Painting adn surface finishes
Thermolympic has incorporated a pressurized painting booth in its production systems in order to automate the painting process for car components, white line and auxiliary sector and thus contribute to the development of added value for its customers.
It also offers paint and chrome finishes by means of installations and participation and cooperation agreements with other companies. To satisfy their customers’ demands, Thermolympic is in the process of incorporating its painting facilities into its ISO TS 16949 “injected and painted plastic parts” certification. This process highlights Thermolympic´s drive: striving to advance alongside their customers’ requirements and meet their needs.


Structural parts and body

Exterior parts





Interior parts

Auxiliary services







Heat treatment




Mechanical union

Surface finishing




From its very beginnings Thermolympic has always had a commitment to export, taking a global approach to the market. The innovative, high-quality design of its products together with their competitive price has always gained them a place amongst the most important clients in the consumer sector. Thermolympic’s challenges for the future are clear: to continue consolidating its privileged position in the counties in which we presently have distributors and to promote its position in the newly emerging markets.


Germany / France / Portugal / Italy / Greece / Russia / Cyprus / Malta/ Nigeria /Algeria / Morocco / Belgium / Brazil / Mexico /Argentina/ South Africa, etc.