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Zfoam, specialists in the conversion processes of all types of foam plastics and insulation.
We provide tailored solutions for our customers’ needs with the right technical support.
We have equipment to cover all the specialised conversion processes of plastic foams as well as low and high temperature insulations.
The semi-conversion and final conversion processes are vertically integrated, so we can offer a complete Service from the raw material to the end product, including the choice of the most suitable materials and design process.

Conversion processes available:
• Cutting systems by water jet in 2D and 3D.
• Other CNC cutting systems and die-cutting.
• 2D and 3D routing.
• Sandwich lamination of different substrates.
• Thermoforming.
• Adhesive coating.
• Digital printing


• Azote Foams: Plastazote®; Evazote®; Supazote®
High purity crosslinked polyolefin foams, manufactured using a unique process of high pressure nitrogen injection. Does not contain chemical foaming residues or CFC, HCFC or VOC (volatile organic compounds).
Special grades special material grades with flame retardant additives (FR and FM) and antistatic and conductive products (SD and CN)

• Zotek Foams: Zotek® N; Zotek® F; Zotek® Peba
Polyamide, PVDF and Pebax® based foams, manufactured by means of a process using pressureized nitrogen injection Azote process.

• PE foams: Chemically expanded crosslinked polyolefiin foams.
Density from 25 to 250 Kg/m3.
LDPE / HDPE / EVA bases variants.

• PTPK foams: Cross linked polyolefin foams with semi-closed cell structure that becomes closed under compression. Replacement for PVC foams in air and water sealing applications.

• PU foams: Ether and ester based polyurethane foams. PPI filter foams for air and water. PETA agglomerated foam.

• Insulations:
Fibre glass and rockwool.
Insulating cellulose panels.
Expanded closed and open cell rubber.
Polymeric heavy masses.
Intumescent materials.
High temperature insulation materials up to 1000ºC.


Automotive applications:
• Interior Trim
• Seating
• Cushioning
• Gap Fillers
• Seals and Gaskets
• Thermal Insulation
• Protective covers
• Ducting
• Composites